Cory Lum
Photographer based in Honolulu, HI
email: corylum [a]

Seeking a more unique view to making photographic images has been a lifelong quest. I've been blessed with an amazing tool created by Matt Abelson, the Hexomniscope 120-roll film, 6-pinhole panoramic camera was born.
i have dedicated a portion of my life living in Japan to documenting the four seasons vertically, that is, orienting the camera in a vertical composition for a show in the future with prints up to 1 meter wide by 6-meters tall ! pinhole cameras are lens-less, featuring a tiny hole, in this case an aperture of f/180 projecting 6 pinholes on a very long piece of 120 roll film. exposures in daylight are about 15-30 seconds with reciprocity.

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